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Clinician Documentation Educator in Palm Beach Gardens, FL at TeamHealth

Date Posted: 8/13/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description


Clinician Documentation Educators (formerly known as Documentation Specialists) are responsible for collaborating with providers to offer documentation education to facilitate excellent patient care, reduce medical risk and comply with reimbursement guidelines. This role is to support and help hold providers accountable for complete and thorough documentation of their patient care activities. These goals are accomplished through initial provider education, monitoring of providers’ documentation results, identification of areas for improvement and on-going training. Training is prescriptive based on needs regarding specific documentation needs, where utilizing industry and company best practices and documentation standards, along with current and trended documentation reports.




  1. Organizes documentation efforts in an effective, efficient manner, while considering education of new providers, education of outlier providers, proactive ongoing education and education on targeted documentation initiatives.
  2. Analyzes and monitors assigned providers’ documentation and identifies improvement opportunities as compared to industry and TeamHealth benchmarks; utilizes mid-month and month end reports that reflect results of individual providers and specific facilities.
  3. Works with the Documentation Education team and RMDs/FMDs to ensure new providers are offered a thorough orientation ideally within their first week, but definitely no later than 20 days of hire date. “New” providers may be recently recruited physicians or midlevel practitioners who joined a TeamHealth division via a new facility contract or merger/acquisition.
  4. Offers provider specific, individualized feedback illustrated through examples of their own documentation and how it crosswalks to various medical coding components and legal implications.
  5. Conducts provider education via a variety of means (e.g., face-to-face, Web Conferencing or e-mail). Face-to-face, one-on-one education with providers to address individual improvement is ideal. However, at times individualized education may occur via conference call with the provider being sent his/her documentation examples in advance. At other times the education topic or documentation update may be best delivered in a face-to-face group setting where dialogue can occur with multiple providers. Other formats for sharing information and receiving feedback from multiple providers include utilizing Web Conferencing and/or presenting at Division Medical Director Meetings. Also, several Documentation education offerings are available at TeamHealth Institute (THI) Online.
  6. Communicates in a timely fashion to providers regarding any changes to the current documentation requirements and medical coding criteria as dictated by a governmental agency, payer and/or TeamHealth.
  7. Interacts with various hospital personnel, as needed, to facilitate the charting process and allow for billing of the provider's services rendered.
  8. Assists RMDs/FMDs with deployment of templates and corporate documentation initiatives (i.e., Progress Note Template, Consultation Request Template, Discharge Sheet Template, etc.) to their facilities accompanied by related education and support of providers.
  9. Offers in-services to providers regarding new technologies or methodologies for generating medical charts, which may involve computer training on new software.
  10. Interacts with RMDs/FMDs concerning outlier providers with undocumented services and positively strategizing on how to affect these providers’ future documentation.
  11. Understands and utilizes the Escalation Policy concerning outlier providers and lack of documentation improvement after appropriate education efforts have been exhausted.
  12. Updates the CDE Director and receives feedback regarding 30/60-day Action Plans, which outline targeted providers, their specific areas of improvement, training methods to be utilized by provider/by facility (face-to-face, one-on-one; individual conference calls; face-to-face group session; Web Conferencing; THI Online, etc.).


Job Requirements


•         Clinical expertise is required preferably in an Anesthesia setting, nursing experience desired;

•         Quality Improvement/ Quality Assurance background very beneficial;

•         Proven CPT-4 and ICD-10 coding experience;

•         CPC certification preferred; Willingness to receive coding training and sit for CPC certification;

•         Strong analytical and statistical skills and experience;

•         Excellent interpersonal skills;

•         Excellent presentation skills;

•         Excellent verbal and written communication skills;

•         Excellent organizational skills;

•         Good computer skills (word-processing, spreadsheet and database management);

•         Ability to support multiple persons, tasks and deadlines;

•         Ability to handle stress and conflict; and

  • Ability to work with minimal direction and supervision.