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Practice Coordinator - Bristol in Bristol, TN at TeamHealth

Date Posted: 11/18/2022

Job Snapshot

Job Description



The Practice Coordinator is responsible for supporting and maintaining the practice both
administratively and operationally. Administratively, by supporting the TH Hospital Medicine
(THHM) Facility Medical Director, VP of Client Service, Regional Medical Director, and TH HM
provider staff, and by working with hospital administration to ensure all needs are being met.

Operationally, by accurately identifying, and accounting for each patient seen in the hospital by the
hospitalist physicians. The Practice Coordinator is responsible for obtaining, reconciling and
forwarding all required documents of each in-patient medical record to the designated Billing
Center. Upon completion of preparing each batch, the Practice Coordinator will maintain accurate
data to report the number of records being sent and specific key measures from those visits.
Additionally, he/she will work with the facility to gather key facility metric data for dashboards. The
individual in this position is required to perform to productivity standards and meet target goals as
outlined by the Practice Coordinator Supervisor.


1. The Practice Coordinator has the responsibility to carry out duties as directed by

2. The Practice Coordinator shall communicate on a regular basis with the designated
TeamHealth Supervisor.

3. The Practice Coordinator will follow and maintain patient confidentiality appropriate with
HIPAA compliance standards at all times.

4. Will access hospital information systems, or work with facility staff to procure patient
demographic and insurance data to ensure correct billing information and updates are sent
to the billing center.

5. Coordinate completion of all clinical documentation from physicians; and proactively work
with medical director to ensure complete documentation and signatures.

6. Alert Supervisor and seek assistance from TeamHealth when an activity or process change
at the facility changes or deviates from the current process.

7. Achieve and maintain individual target goals for the facility as designated by the Supervisor.

8. Maintain professional appearance and performance at all times.


1. Support Facility Medical Director, VP of Client Services, Regional Medical Director, and TH
HM provider staff.

2. Monthly TH HM administration meeting – scheduling of meeting, agenda preparation, and

3. Monthly provider meeting – scheduling of meeting, agenda preparation, and minutes.

4. Facilitate provider scheduling changes and notification.

5. Monthly collection and tracking of key data for dashboards.

6. Completion of dashboards for electronic interfaces.

7. Message and mail distribution.

8. Miscellaneous duties or tasks as assigned by leadership (i.e. brochure distribution, marketing,
Call Back Program, PCP Notification Program, etc.).


1. The Practice Coordinator shall obtain a copy of the in-patient records for each patient upon

2. The Practice Coordinator shall insure that each medical record contains the following items
prior to the batching process.

a. Physician chart, including H&P and Discharge Summary, all daily progress notes, etc.
b. Hospital face sheet to include patient demographic information
c. Insurance information (copy of the insurance card when available)
d. Physician Orders
e. Code Sheets (if applicable)

The batch is then assembled with all complete records reconciled to the discharge report.

3. The Practice Coordinator shall ship work to the designated Billing Operations Center (BOC).
The Practice Coordinator is responsible for maintaining supplies necessary to accomplish
this task.

4. The Practice Coordinator shall communicate with their TH HM Supervisor and TH HM
physicians when records are identified as incomplete. If the said record is not completed
within the acceptable time frame, notification will be communicated to your TH HM Director,
Facility Medical Director, Vice President of Client Services, and Regional Medical Director as

5. The Practice Coordinator is expected to identify and retrieve all missing or incomplete
records in a timely manner.

6. The Practice Coordinator will assume tasks, duties and responsibilities as assigned by the
Supervisor or designated TeamHealth HM staff.

7. The Practice Coordinator shall develop and maintain a positive working relationship with
hospital staff.

8. The Practice Coordinator shall work the number of assigned hours per weeks and complete
a time sheet weekly. KRONOs may be used, and is the preferable method of reporting time
and should be used instead of the manual paper time sheet.

9. Vacation and time off is to be scheduled in advance to ensure the workflow is not interrupted. 

Job Requirements



General knowledge of the medical record process, with a least one-year experience in a hospital or physician office setting with an understanding of patient registration and medical documents is preferred. Clerical and reconciliation experience as well as the ability to maintain record keeping.

  1. BA or equivalent job experience is preferred
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Excellent organizational skills
  4. Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships
  5. Ability to work independently with speed and accuracy
  6. Detailed oriented with efficient time management abilities
  7. Excel and word proficient


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  2. Medical Records Jobs